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The Pokemon GO theory of management

Remember the phenomenon that was Pokemon Go - when suddenly kids and grownups were outside exploring, because you “gotta catch em all!” What can managers learn from this game?

1. You have to move to make things happen. Put in the effort and be the one that seeks out and talks to your employees. Investing time and effort will be rewarded.

2. Some types of employees are rarer than others. You must be prepared to put in extra effort to build them up (evolve them), for the best results. Focus on their strengths.

3. When you have put in the effort, your renewed and evolved employee will achieve better results. So in other words, it always pays to develop skills.

4. Sometimes your Pokeballs spins out of control, no matter what you do. Take a breather, focus and try again. Especially pay attention to how you apply your own managerial skills - It often pays to look for a new spin on an old technique. Leadership is a lifetime journey; it’s not learned on a course.

5. Some employees will break free and escape - let them go freely, and if asked, brag about the one that got away. Make sure you keep in touch with those who got away, building your own network.

6. To find your best new hires, be alert, seek them out and put out a lure. The same is true in reverse, to find a new role, you have to let people in your organisation know that you are looking, and what you are looking for. Put out that lure!

7. For those times when you have to give challenging feedback, first start positively before bringing out the harder tools. Or in other words: Razz Berry before Great Ball!

#coaching #management #PokemonGo

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