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Why are things going boom?

Training is problem-solving

One of the first questions should always be "What is the problem you want training to solve": - Performance needs to be improved - Strengthen/build company culture -Lack of knowledge/skills causes errors - and so on.

The stronger of understanding there is the problem: What defines it, what causes it, how is it shaped. The easier for us is it to make training have a positive impact on the problem.

An organisation with a successful training team will include the trainers, or give them access to the data from QA, Managers and Customers. Giving them the visibility that allows them to design training that with an impact, that defines the training goal as one action verb. E.g. "After this training, you will be able to..."

However, I have never been asked to build trainers understanding of root cause analysis or to develop the critical skills needed to assess customer feedback and other KPIs.

I first learned those skills myself when working as a Contact Centre team leader, then later took them into training and developed them further.

So as a promise to myself. The next time I work on creating a training team or improving a team's skillset. "Understanding the problem and the cause of it." will be a core part.

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