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What is your talent development ethos?

What does it mean to invest in your people?

Many companies say that their employees are their most valuable assets, but how can you show your most valuable assets that they are valued? Free coffee and a yearly company picknick only go so far.

This mind-map is looking at how to build a development mindset that covers the needs of employee and employer. Core thinking within it is that for employees there needs to be a focus on developing the "right mindset" around self-directed learning and career development. In which employees have a genuine ownership when it comes to their learning and career, in a company that encourages this. For the company the thinking is on strategic needs, both current and future needs - how can we make sure we got the talent and knowledge to tackle these. Then it raises the question - Should the development ethos be inclusive - e.g. for "Everyone" or exclusive?

I love to discuss this further you, find me at or

#talentmanagement #Careerdevelopement #development

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