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Learning in an unstable world

I was in early talks about an L&D role with a consulting firm, one that works in one of the worlds most dangerous areas. They wanted to build up their internal L&D department, as well as make sure that the courses and coaching they delivered had an impact.

In this context "impact" also means that they want to be part of the change for good.

This got me thinking, what does it mean to work with learning across different cultures, in areas where you in many ways are an invader, and how do you ensure that you work with - rather than force your approach and ideas on people?

This mind map was created to show my thoughts on the subject, opening up for further discussion. Incorporating fundamental aspects as "what happens after?" "dealing with infrastructural challenges", as well as how do you bottle up the knowledge that exists in the firm, and the local experts.

#KnowledgeManagment #training

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