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Tackling interview questions

For an interview, I was asked to prepare a short presentation of myself that gave an impression of: Who is Kai, what makes me passionate about a role, how do I approach a task and which of my talents do I want to develop further.

Naturally, I fired up Powerpoint, preparing to make a presentation that would blow their minds, with insights and wit. Then I stopped for a moment, looking at their questions: What can I do that's different, but still fit within the timeframe. Realising that I wanted to challenge myself a bit further than just another nice presentation.

Deciding to focus on "Which talents do I want to develop further." I picked that, as it was a strength based question, which is core to my own development mindset.

I wanted to make something that was a creative approach (one of my talents), engaged the interviewer, intuitive and could open for discussions.

My final design ended up as a puzzle, with a rocket imagery to symbolise progress/forward motion.

The three talents I am working hardest on now, marked with red text, which was also something the interviewers picked up on without having been guided.

"Kai 3.5", rather than version 1, 2 or any other number came from the major life and personal development changes I have done in my life.

So how did it go?

One of the two interviewers took pictures of the cards, the other said that they were sure to remember me and this.

#Interview #development #Careerdevelopement

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